Time For Politics

Can you honestly say that you set aside time throughout your day to see what's going on in the world of politics?

The media tries to help by supplying political reports through means each of us can grasp.

Newspapers, TV, radio, internet, personal devices that stream information...the list goes on.

So why is it we're all still not on the same page when it comes to "who said what and when". Because if we all were on the same page, we'd be able to come to a better understanding of political matters - hence making the voting process simpler.

...or am I oversimplifying the underlying problems of our political system?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'll start this by saying, "understanding the political scene is a full-time job" - and who amongst us has that kind of time. There are far too many distractions and detractions in media today. Once you believe that one outlet is telling you the "truth", you find they were fed misinformation - so you have to start over to find the facts. Then there's the candidate who made all kinds of mouth watering promises during their run for office - you backed that horse - and now find you backed a "wolf in sheep's clothing".  When do the charades end?

I've heard it said something to this effect:

"Come to the table with a possible solution for every problem you want addressed"

And my very first problem question would be to ask, "Why do some of our elected public officials seem to live in the lap of luxury while their constituents are barely making ends meet?"

Now my possible solution would state: "Demand reasonable pay cuts for our elected public officials. Their pay should afford them the basic necessities in order to fulfill their duties to their constituents."

If a politician has other means of income, then so be it. But if my taxes are going to pay for an elected official to jet set around the country, neglect to pay their taxes and live way beyond their needs - then I say NO WAY! Get them out of office immediately. And here's an analogy for you: If I was hired to work for a company and they found that I was mishandling their time and money, you know what would happen to me? You betcha'! I'd be out the door in a heart beat. So why doesn't the same rule apply to our elected officials.